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Pianos, organs, and entire orchestras

Few things are more tricky to move than pianos and musical instruments.  They might seem like just metal and wood, but they are very sensitive items that can be affected by sudden movement, temperature, moisture, and other factors. It's just one of our specialities.

 •  Complete scenery, backdrops, props, and more

 •  Concert stages, including lighting and sound equipment

 •  Moving theater and orchestra productions

 •  Licensed and insured, family owned and operated

 •  Serving all of New York

Orchestras, bands, theater productions

What is a difficult move?  Ask the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse of Auburn, NY.  They produce about half a dozen Broadway-caliber shows every year.  When they needed to move an entire theater production, who did they call?  They called Parker's Express.  That's because they know the care we put into everything we move, including scenery, backdrops, props, costumes, and an entire orchestra.  We will even move the actors and musicians if necessary!

Specializing in the most difficult moves

Fully insured, family owned and operated since 1910

We specialize in the most difficult moves. From pool tables to bank safes, from heavy machinery to the most delicate and fragile items, Parker's Express will move you as carefully as we move our own  families. We'll get it there with as much care as if you had done it yourself.  

Call for a FREE estimate, and let us help you plan your move from start to finish - and NO job is finished until you say so!

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