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Over 100 years moving families and businesses throughout New York State

Frequently asked questions about moving

It's hard to think of everything, especially when you only move about once every seven years.  At Parker's Express, we move almost every day. Here is a list of questions that we often hear from people like  you and the answers that we usually provide.

Q: How many days before my actual moving day should I contact you?

You should contact us as soon as possible before your actual moving day. It's not that we need that much time to prepare. It's that we might already have a move scheduled on that day, and we don't want you to have to call someone else. It's never too early to plan.

Nobody puts more care and effort into complete customer satisfaction like Parker's Express.  If you need to move anything, and we mean anything, anywhere in New York State, we'll get it there with as much care as if you had done it yourself.  

For over 100 years that's what we've done, and that's what we'll always do.

Call us today!

Q: Where should I go to get boxes for packing up my things?

If you want boxes that are all the same color, same size, and easy to work with, then go to your local hardware/lumber store such as Home Depot or Lowe's.  However, if you'd like to save yourself some money, go to a few liquor stores. They have very strong boxes because they are built for carrying glass full of liquids. The only drawback to those boxes is that they will be all different colors and shapes. If you plan to go to a liquor store, keep in mind that they might only want to give you five or six because they know people go there first for boxes. Try several stores and start going several weeks in advance to get a good collection.

Q: Do you have suggestions for labeling my boxes?

Some people like to buy different color stickers and assign each color to each room. Some people like to abbreviate with things like K for kitchen, LV for living room, BR1 and BR2 and so on for each bedroom. Whichever way you choose, try to label each box on all four sides as well as the top so that we can immediately see which room the box is going to.

Q: Do you have suggestions for packing up glass, plates, and breakable items?

While bubble wrap is usually the best choice for wrapping breakable items, there's a way you can save yourself some money. Instead of separately boxing up your bathrooms towels, use them to wrap your breakable items. This way you are boxing up two different things at once. Some people put each individual drinking and other glasses inside socks for a little extra protection.  Also, if you have breakable items that are irreplaceable, it is perfectly okay with us if you move those boxes yourself in your own car and not put them on our truck. However, we are fully insured, so your items will all be covered and replaced if we make a mistake.

Q: What else do I need to worry about besides packing?

For the customer, more important than packing is taking care of clerical things and notifying the necessary people regarding your change of address.  About six weeks before your move, call each company and give them the exact date of your move so they can make necessary adjustments.  Those companies might include the following:


•   Cable television or other media provider

•   Credit card companies and banks

•   Cell phone carrier

•   Landline phone service

•   EZ Pass or other automatic highway and bridge toll company

•   Car insurance company

•   Health insurance company

•   Family dentist, doctor, and other medical professionals

•   Pharmacy

•   Home owner's insurance

•   Gas and electric companies

•   Your workplace

•   Relatives and friends

•   College or trade school you or your children might attend


If you think of anything we missed, please visit our blog page and let us know!

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