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My name is Ryan, and I'm going to give you a little history about my family and our history in the moving business.


Let's start right at the beginning in 1910. My great great uncle Mr. Henry Parker started up a little company called Parker's Express. He moved everything, just like we do today. He moved service men's trunks when they would get off the train coming back home. He used to move barges down the Erie Canal with horses, and of course he moved houses and did deliveries also.


My grandfather Norm Courtemanche, after four years in the service, met my grandmother who was Henry's daughter. Henry offered Norm a job while he was contemplating another tour and then an opportunity to buy into a partnership. After falling deeply in love with my grandmother and the job, he saw a chance to have a family and a great life by becoming a partner in Parker's Express. My grandfather has been working in this community for over sixty years now, doing everything from delivering prescriptions, dry cleaning, furniture, appliances, pianos and whole houses.


Since 2000 my grandfather and I have been working together side by side. I am very lucky to have spent my life thus far with such a great man to inspire me. He has been my number one role model my entire life and will always be in my heart. I cherish the days we have spent together on and off the job. My family has created a great empire, and I look forward to carrying on our legacy.


To all of my future clients: I look forward to working with you, and you can always expect service with a smile in a light hearted atmosphere. We really do love working with each other, and it shows through our work and our charisma.


Thanks for reading about us!


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